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Committed to offering quality products and services targeted specifically for customers who require innovative solutions.

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LMCurbs Skylights

S-5! The right way to Attach Almost Anything to Metal Roofs.

At LMCurbs, we stand behind great products such as S-5!. We feature an array of S-5! products for a variety of applications. (Snow Guards, Solar Attachments, Utility applications, ect.)

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LMCurbs S-5! 25 year partners

Metal roofing accessories from a single source supplier.

LMCurbs designs and manufactures roof curbs for your accessory attachment needs; Roof Hatches, Skylights, Exhaust Fans, Smoke Vents.

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LMCurbs Vent and Walkway Accessories

S-5! Solar Attachments


Combining photovoltaic arrays with standing seam metal roofing is growing in popularity, and for good reasons. A standing seam metal roof has a life expectancy consistent with that of framed PV modules. Attaching a 30-year power source on a 40-year roof—using S-5!’s zero-penetration technology—creates the most sustainable roof system available with alternative power generation, all without compromising the roof manufacturer’s warranty!

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S-5! PV Kit 2.0 Mid Solar Attachment

LMCurbs Handrail System

LMCurbs Handrail

LMCurbs utilizes our own support plate design along with Hollander Speed-Rail fitting and S-5! utility clamps to provide a quality product for you metal roof applications. The system can be used in conjunction with our Roofwalk system of be stand alone.  

20 Year Warranty
LMCurbs Handrail System

LMCurbs offers a wide range of rooftop products.

Roof Curb, Snow Retention, Snow Guards, RoofWalk, Utility Clamps, Utility Brackets, Solar Attachmets, Skylights, Smoke Vents, Louvers