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Over the course of thirty plus years in the metal building industry, LMCurbs has experienced tremendous growth by staying committed to offering products and services targeted specifically for customers who require innovative solutions delivered with the highest quality possible in order to fulfill the most challenging aspects of metal roofing applications. We recognize two essential requirements in our continued effort to meet customers’ expectations: our people and our products. This commitment is achieved through our team that has been carefully assembled over the last thirty plus years with each member representing the highest level of expertise in their respective skill. Our workmanship, pride, and reputation are evident in each completed product and project.


LM Curbs S-5-PV kitIntroducing the NEW
S-5-PV kit. The latest updates to this industry leading product secure it’s place as the leading method for attaching solar panels to metal roof tops. Attaches easier, faster and more secure than ever before.

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S-5! ColorGard

S-5! ColorGard System

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