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LMCurbs Announces LMClamp

LMCurbs New Clamp

Introducing the NEW LMClamp for Snow Retention, Solar Attachments, and Utility Applications.  The LMClamp utilizes the patented round-point set screws for a secure non-penetrating attachment. Designed for most vertical seams, snap together seams, and trapezoidal seams.

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LMCurbs Announces Snow Diverter

LMCurbs Snow Diverter

LMCurbs is pleased to introduce the all new Snow Diverter. The possibility of vents, flue stacks, or even satellite dishes being destroyed by sliding snow and ice on metal roof tops can be nearly eliminated by installing an LMCURBS Snow Diverter utilizing the S-5!® clamps, without penetrating your standing seam roof.

The LMCURBS Snow Diverter is specifically designed to divert the snow and ice away from stacks and vent pipes on metal roofs to avoid unnecessary damage. The Snow Diverter will retain the snow above the roof penetration to prevent excessive loads being applied to the penetrations.

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LMCurbs Announces EdgeGrab

EdgeGrad for S-5-PV Kit

The new EdgeGrab is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with our patented S-5-PV Kit for solar array end conditions. The EdgeGrab accommodates PV frame thicknesses of 30-48 mm (if the L-flange is positioned below the stud’s hex nut) and 34-51 mm (if the L-flange is positions above the stud’s hex nut). EdgeGrab uses the same PV Kit base assembly as the universal PV grab and will work on most exposed-fastened and corrugated metal roofs.

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