Commercial and Industrial Roof and Wall Fans

Our fans are designed to easily mount to your roof using our custom designed roof curbs.

Whether your application requires general or industrial ventilation, our selection of exhaust and supply fans will meet the specs. Perfect for schools, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, government buildings, warehouses, shops, and much more. Determining which ventilation type is right for your application is as easy as contacting us and allowing us to customize a system that meets your needs.

Fans are ideal for general purpose exhaust applications including: bathrooms, garages, general kitchen areas, offices, churches, dormitories, factories, large warehouses and other relatively clean air applications. We have fans that are specially designed to discharge contaminated or grease-laden air or heat/smoke up and away from building surfaces. Or rely on Rugged, trouble-free upblast roof ventilators to offer the latest axial-type design for quiet and efficient air handling, combined with the advanced engineering of the upblast stackhead for immediate dispersal of all exhaust air high above the building. This prevents re-entry of exhaust fumes through adjacent windows or air intake ducts. Gravity-closing automatic dampers close tight when the unit is off.

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  • Centrifugal, axial, or gravity ventilation solutions
  • Roof and wall units
  • Direct or belt drive
  • General exhaust, high heat, fumes, rapid air removal, and supply
  • Single or three phase motors
  • Light, medium, and heavy duty

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