Smoke Vents/Hatches

Smoke Vents

One of the first things firefighters do when they arrive at a fire is cut holes in the roof. This process is dangerous and time consuming. Our smoke vents automatically open to vent toxic smoke and gases, reduce lateral fire spread, reduce flashback and lower the building’s internal temperature. Fireman can locate the fire quickly and get into the building faster to attack the firebase directly.

Smoke Hatches

Our smoke hatch doors are equipped with an automatic device, which at a temperature of approximately 165º F. causes the fusing of a link located at the center of the two doors; torsion spring drives then cause the doors to open by compulsory force; shock absorbers are installed to control the speed of the door as it travels open. The automatic device can be easily re-set, and a new link inserted, without removing or dismantling the doors.

Doors may be manually opened from the inside or outside by a handle; depending upon the type and application.

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  • Safety cages – both standard and OSHA compliant
  • Non discoloring
  • Mill finished aluminum frame
  • Utilizes LMCurbs industry leading roof curbs
  • Heat and smoke ventilation
  • Quick release
  • Shock absorbers for controlled door opening
  • Heat and smoke ventilation
  • Quick release

    Our smoke hatches are designed to easily mount to your roof using our custom designed roof curbs.