LMCurbs Roof Walks

Safe anti-skid walkway surface for rooftop equipment access

All new Support Plates and Handrail design for a cleaner, user friendly and faster installation.

Now offering stand alone handrail and perimeter railing

Workers performing routine maintenance on rooftop a/c units and fans can safely walk on the anti-skid walkway system without fear of damaging standing seams or panel ribs.

Periodic rooftop traffic will greatly increase the likelihood of a worker accidentally compromising the roof's integrity. Avoiding damage to standing seams and panel ribs has never been so easy. The solution for anyone who needs to safely climb onto a rooftop is the roof walk system, which can be installed perpendicular, parallel, and even diagonally to the roof seams.

Details of the system

Extra-wide 12” interlocking plank grating is designed to simplify installation and reduce the cost of roof walks, and similar applications. With 43% more open area, it allows water, light, and air to pass through.

With extra width, the 12” wide plank grating covers more area with fewer planks, lowering installation costs. Its height strength-to-weight ratio – 18 gauges, 2 ½ leg height – makes it ideal for covering large, light-traffic areas. Its snap-together friction fit make it easy to install with no welding or bolting required.

Made of pre-galvanized steel or aluminum finish, it’s maintenance-free and long lasting. Specifiers can choose a smooth or anti-skid surface to meet a wide variety of application needs.

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  • None penetrating, mechanically attached on standing seam roofs
  • Creates a safe, anti-skid walkway
  • Protects the roof from foot traffic
  • Weather resistant using either galvanized or aluminum finish
  • Attach to all metal roof profiles
  • Uses LMCurbs’ support plates for parallel applications
  • Extra-wide 12” interlocking planks
  • Options
    • HandRail
    • Kick Plate
    • Leveling
    • Ridgeline & Obstruction step overs