LMCurbs Gauge Tool Set

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The LMCurbs gauge tool set was designed to help the customers save time and money. As you can see there are two styles, 1 for the S-5!® Utility Clamps & 1 for the 5 different profiles of the S-5!® RibBrackets™.

Reality is the customer is not always sure what clamp or bracket is the correct fit for the job and they are usually in a hurry to start the job. This leads to a lot of back and forth of trying to measure, take pictures, sending samples, etc. With these gauges in their hands they can instantly determine what clamp or RibBracket™ best fits the metal roof profile while at jobsite. These gauges will greatly reduce the need for shipping out samples to test fit. For the estimators and installers that need to provide a quick estimate and/or begin an expedited install, these gauges could easily save a day or two of back and forth trying to determine the correct product.