RibBracket I

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Rib Bracket I-IV

S-5 leads the way in ingenuity and smart design when it comes to attaching anything to a metal roof. That’s why we invented the RibBracket I, II, III, and IV products. They are shaped to provide a perfect fit to the most common trapezoidal roof shapes. They are thoroughly tested for strength, have no moving parts, and flexible enough to fit varying trapezoidal widths.

Their higher profile ensures more space between the roof and any devices attached to the roof. RibBracket is designed for convenient wire management and ease of installation for a solar system. RibBracket and the accompanying fasteners comes with a factory-applied EPDM rubber gasket seal attached, and the S-5!®-patented reservoir conceals the bracket EPDM from UV exposure, preventing drying and cracking.

Product Specifications

Designed for popular Hawaiian profiles, such as HPM Custom 4-Rib, HPMCustom 6-Rib, and similarly-dimensioned narrow ribs.

Compatible RibBracket I top rib dimension range:
.63 in +/- to 1 in +/- (16 mm to 25 mm)